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Every three seconds someone needs blood transfusion in India because of higher Road Traffic Accidents rates, premature babies, major surgeries and medical emergencies requires Whole blood, where many of the seekers suffer because of blood unavailability at mean time, because Blood Seekers ratio is much higher as compare to the available Blood donor’s data and information maintained. Our Primary aim is to spread public awareness about voluntary blood donation to dissolve the myths to improve voluntary blood donation ratio, and for that we start our mission “Awareness on Blood Donation” through by our portal Active Blood Donors as “SHIPRA” based on the concept of “On-Call-Blood Donor Availability System” that means Blood Donor’s availability directly to the recipient in emergencies by call, especially for Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

For this pious mission we are trying to build a group of self motivated individuals/Coordinators who voluntarily realize their responsibility. Primarily it starts with his own, family members, friends and secondarily to the society. There are number of Voluntary organizations, individuals/Small units working on it, but our mission is to consolidate the donor’s data of maximum possible individuals/groups those who are already working on it and also to laymen by make them aware about it. We provide free help services to all the maximum possible needy persons.

At this juncture for the secondary aspect we are trying to consolidate such interested persons who are willing to change attitude of the community by participating in our mission primarily related to Awareness on Blood Donation directly to the needy persons in their emergency situations as a free service with respect of active participation only not meant by money because Blood is very precious asset given by the God to us for helping others in emergencies. We expect & appreciate all of your active participation for our mission "SHIPRA" whose memories are inspiration & motivation for it.

We are self funding group and at the struggling stage of our career until we get the success but at the mean time we also contribute our spare time to serve others and trying to fulfill our social responsibility towards society and we are very confident for the success of our mission. Our mission is to provide maximum help to the needy persons up to our level best and for this we expect your kind and sincere support always, so we can run our mission successfully to serve humanity.

About Us
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